Albena Neitzel  
                                             Listen to your heart

Twin Flames - A soul in two bodies

When I met my Twin Flame  it was not yet clear to me what was happening and a name for this moment that changed everything did not yet exist. It was only later in the course of my awakening that the term was added, which explained what I am. I am a Twin Flame,  I love it and I am deeply grateful. 

When a soul decides to incarnate as a Twin Flame in two people at the same time on this planet and they meet their other half at a certain point in their lives, it is a special, literally life-changing encounter for both of them. Nothing is like before. Everything is mixed up and at the same time everything comes into a divine order, always initiating the spiritual awakening. 

Are you still unsure about being a Twin Flame? With all my experience I can help you to recognize, understand and integrate this wonderful aspect into your life.