Albena Neitzel  
                                             Listen to your heart

As an empath, psychic medium and energy healer, I perceive you on all levels. Guided by my intuition, clairvoyance, clairsentience and my team in the spiritual world, I work with you individually on the following topics: 

Clarification and sorting of your concern

During the session I will lead you to the source, which is usually slumbering in the subconscious. I also see and feel where your concern is reflected on a physical level.

Harmonizing the chakras 

I see and feel which chakras are not working harmoniously or weakly and pass on the impulses for clarification and activation.

Activation of the energy flow in your body

This is done simply by transferring energy during the session. Therefore, it does not matter where you are physically right now. If you are personally at my place, I intuitively place my hands along your spine, depending on the impulse, to release blockages.

Releasing entanglements

I will help you to recognize and understand your entanglements in this life or even in previous lives and to solve them with visualizations.

 Messages from the spiritual world

I receive these messages from the deceased, astral beings, galactic beings, angels, your team of spiritual helpers or ascended master

The session can take place in person, by phone or video. The exchange for my intense and profound work with you is 300,00€ per hour.