Albena Neitzel  
                                             Listen to your heart

I was born in the sunny south on the beautiful Bulgarian Black Sea coast. There I spent my first years of life. The separation from my family of origin and the felt disrooted due to the move to the former GDR shaped the biggest part of my life from then on with partly extreme effects on my physical, mental and emotional health. 

I have always perceived myself as different and did not fit into any drawer. I have always attracted people with my inner light, but at the same time I experienced rejection and isolation precisely because of this. These experiences were the red thread running through my life. I tried to live an adapted life outside, while I denied my true being. Phases of repression were followed by phases of rebellion, again and again and massively resulting in health crises. The turnaround was only initiated by a total collapse. I experienced the climax a few years later in the form of the encounter with my Twinflame. This triggered not only the earthly consciousness, but also the spiritual awakening. From then on there was no way back into my previous life.

My most challenging and courageous time and my greatest gift followed - the upheaval on the inside and outside. I took full responsibility for all areas of my being. Everything that was no longer in harmony with my inner being, I changed on my own. For example, my long-standing marriage, friends and acquaintances, my beloved job as a flight attendant and with it the feeling of security and a supposedly privileged life in public. I accepted every challenge, in deep rediscovered trust in the divine source, my higher self, my helpers in the spiritual world. 

Today not only my earthly origin is clear to me, but also my origin on a cosmic level and the task with which I am here on this world. My personal healing path led me to finally live my calling. My accumulated life experiences and my medial and healing gifts have merged into my own offering. I have expanded my knowledge in various trainings, among others as conversational therapist after evaluation, hypnosis coach NGH, therapist for spine reading after Friederike Jacoby, years of participation in healing circles, healing meditations as well as trance-haeling.

Today I live a happy, self-determined, fulfilled and authentic life and follow my heart exclusively. The sea, travelling, new exciting and inspiring experiences and encounters are fulfilling me. I feel a deep joy in supporting and accompanying people on their path of the heart with passion, compassion and authenticity.

Do YOU  listen to YOUR heart?